With Love


Wohoo, this week I got some more mail! My mailbox has been empty for quite some time up ’til now. (But I have also been very busy lately so I might not have been able to keep the pace anyway.)
First out is something I really appreciated:

MaaikeOne of my the penpals that I broke up with sent me a card to tell me she understood and that there are no hard feelings between us. That is such a nice gesture! I really really appreciate that she took her time to write me this note and let me know I am not an asshole. At least not in her eyes.

från JoanaToday I received a long and wonderful letter from Joana in Portugal. I was so excited to receive some mail that I replied right away:

till joanaNow it’s weekend and no mail will be delivered for 2 days. My big weekend plans is to write a paper on a local church since I have one of those deadlines coming up. I just love deadlines.


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  1. I had to create an account just to comment here. I often check your blog and I can’t write, also my blogger account is crazy and I can’t comment in any blog. By the way, I’m Joana from Portugal and I’m super excited because mail is coming… not winter this time ;)

    • Joana! What an honour that you made a wordpress account just for commenting my humble blog! Welcome to my personal cheer leading squad, it’s so nice to see you here.
      I was super happy for this letter, and as I had some time on my hand I made a really speedy reply for once! I hope the mailman speeds up the delivery of it as well. Lets hope that the letter comes before the winter ;)

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