Reading and Recycling


cathrinToday I got these lovelies in my mailbox! I absolutely adore the card with the reading lady! This all came in an envelope from Cathrin, my boyfriend’s sister.  It’s so nice with pretty surprise mail! :D

denise YoshiAs you know I have caught up with my mail, and ironically enough I am super inspired to write. The writer’s block is over, but the mail stack is gone o__o So what to do? Send some spontaneous surprise mail! :D The envelope in the back is made out of a paper bag made of recycled paper, bought at a thrift store. There’s some meta-recycling for you!

secret worldAnd as you know I am a fan of the mmorpg The Secret World. I am now running around in Transylvania, fighting ghouls, werewolves and vampires, but I am all alone :/ I need a friend to have my back! Is there any other Secret Worlder reading this who needs a gaming buddy? ;D



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