I wrote a letter!


I have a 3 days weekend coming up since I have nothing studying-related scheduled tomorrow (thought I should spend it on planning my thesis), so I have time to write some letters :D I love when inspiration and leisure time strike at the same time! It’s been way too long since I last sat down to write to any of my penpals. 

I started off my weekend with writing a letter to Katrin in Germany. She has been waiting for ever poor girl. I overcompensated the long overdue with stickers xD

Katrin1 KtrinLetter to Katrin. Stickers galore.

decoI have also bought some cheap deco tapes at ebay. Generally I like washi tapes better, but I don’t think washi quite does the trick when it comes to sealing envelopes, so therefore I like having a few silly colourful deco tapes around for that purpose :)

moleskineAnd this is my super hot yellow squared moleskine notebook that I have had about a week now. My plan for this beauty is to use it as a planner/journal, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to remove the plastic and start writing in it. I fear I will ruin it as soon as I put the pen to the paper x___x But I do really need to organize my life and have somewhere to put down my random ideas and thoughts, so uhm. Yeah. I need to open it. It looks so neat and new at it is now though! *anxiety*


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