I know I said I would post about my excavation today, but it’s been a while since I posted anything mail related and this blog is mainly about snailmailing, so therefore I will postpone the archaeology til tomorrow and give you some pictures of mail and stationery today:washiI bought some new washi tapes! And I love them all! I recently discovered how fun it is to decorate envelopes (or whatever I have within my reach) with these thin washis, so I bought a stash of them  from kawaiistickers4you on etsy.

japanese stampsThe package I got the washi tapes in had these wonderful stamps! I love Japanese stamps, they’re either super cute or really beautiful. I am definitely jealous of that country’s postage designs!

TGRSo except for online shopping I sometimes visit the world outside my apartment, and my latest trip to a real store resulted in this! The deco tapes were really cheap, 3 for ca 1,5 usd. And I love the folksy notebook and envelopes I found there as well! And yeah, stickers with monsters and robots?! Of course they came home with me.

EricaI have also received a cute letter from Erica in Finland. Cherries and ducks (?) :D

Aiko's sisterAn dear penpal of mine wanted help to surprise her sister with a card, congratulating her on her newly born daughter. Of course I was in on it :) And I decorated the envelope with the earlier mentioned thin washi tapes.


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