Excavating, part 2


Alright, I know I have been absent from this blog for a while now, but it’s only because I’ve been busy with our excavation. Being outdoors and working hard all day made me a tired cupcake and I fell asleep abnormally early every day. But now our excavation is finished and I want to show you some pictures from the last two weeks!

utgrävningThis is how the excavation area looked on a bright and shiny day. We had much less rain than expected the last two weeks! The group in the neighbouring trench put up a tent just in case though.

stengropkäkeDo you remember the “green” stone feature from my last post? This is how it looked when it’s almost fully excavated. It’s some kind of pit filled with stones and animal bones. At the bottom we found this jaw bone. Does anyone else smell black magic? (It’s officially a rubbish pit.)

sondHere we have probed the ground to see what the soil looks like under the “pit”. It was deemed as archaeologically uninteresting since it’s undisturbed by human activity.

sländtrissa 1We have had a few fun findings though! Here is a spindle whorl we found. Isn’t it pretty?

sländtrissa 2And then we found another one! :D A smaller, cuter version. I love it <3

sländtrissa 3 eller vävtyngdAnd then… Possible another one! It could also be a loom weight. These are probably from the Iron age or Viking age.

störhålWhen we cleaned up the trench we found this under the rubbish/black magic pit we talked about earlier in this post. Can you see it? (Pardon the terrible photo quality.) It is a post hole! It’s only about 5 cm in diameter and 10 cm deep, so it’s probably from a roundpole fence. We found 9 of these post holes in the soil we first judged as uninteresting. I love surprises like this!

glasI saved the best to last! :D This is my find! And glass is not that common a find! We have no exact dating on it, but the man on site who best knew glassware thought it might be Frankish from the look of this photo. It’s so pretty, and I might have gotten a bit overly excited about finding it :)

There are still more pictures from this excavation to come, but I’m saving them for tomorrow. I don’t want to tire you out with too much archaeology at once ;) And now when I am done excavating I will hopefully have more spare time to write letters and post mail pictures here again (fingers crossed).


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