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Penguins and ink


Yesterday I found myself strolling around in a store with stationery in my hands, and before I could stop myself I had already paid for it! >__> Luckily it was not very expensive stuff, so I can now make envelopes out of metallic paper without a troubled conscience :DtigerCards, stickers and two kinds of pretty papers! The store I bought them in is called Tiger, and I don’t know if that’s a Swedish thing or if you can find it all over the globe, but they have some pretty fun and cheap stuff. It’s a dangerous place, be warned! I found a rubber formed as a rhino :O It’s awesome!  But since I rarely use pencils I couldn’t make up an excuse to buy it…

inkI also found a store that actually sells ink for fountain pens! A real store! With a door and windows and stuff! So I bought this gorgeous purple ink :)

kori och ericaAnd then I came home to mail! It was such a great day :D These pretty letters are form Erica in Finland (the orange one), and Korina in the US (the envelope in the front). Thank you ladies, I had some wonderful reading. I will reply as soon as possible!

torulfLastly I and Tor-Ulf would like to wish you all a very Happy Halloween!
(I told him that he looks ridiculous in that ghost outfit, but he thinks it’s the perfect disguise for him going trick or treating unnoticed… >__<)

All you need is lobe


Just a quick post about my mail-related activities lately:

från barbaraLast week I got this hysterically cute letter from Barbara in Germany!

från YoshiAnd an envelope with a nice long letter and lots of goodies from dear Yoshi in Austria :)

diverseToday I got a BIG envelope from Laima in the US filled with black writing paper which she knew I was hunting for :) It was a total surprise and me and my mailbox couldn’t be happier :D
I also got a postcard from Aiko in Japan (Cafe Monster), and a postcard from Jennifer in Germany. Thank you girls!

till barbaraToday I wrote a reply to Barbara and I will mail it out tomorrow.

hemgjordakuvertI like crafting while watching TV-series, and that’s how these envelopes were born. I cut them from maps in old out-dated archaeology books that the university library gave away for free :)

dinosauriemärkenThis weekend I was a good girl and bought myself a winter jacket (such a boring thing to have to pay for!), but of course I couldn’t come home empty-handed stationery-wise. I bought these dinosaur stickers for practically nothing :D I love dinosaurs and I love stickers so it was a double-win!

Lucky Star


Today I conquered a new skill! Now I just need to figure out how to use it to achieve world domination.

I learned how to fold these pretties:

20131022_001834 They are called Lucky Stars, and there are tons of tutorials online on how to make them. Here is one for example! I didn’t have any shiny, colourful paper to waste on my first tries, but I would love to fill a glass jar with a rainbow of stars :)

20131021_112410And here is something fun! Look at that pen-sign-thingy! It’s awesome! I have passed this soooo many times the last one and a half year without even noticing it until just the other day o__o My friend who is a native (of this city) told me that there used to be a  big stationery shop there, but now it’s gone! D: But the sign is still pretty cool in itself :)

Field Trip Time!


Last week our class made a little field trip, and if there is something I love it is field trips! Especially when the destinations have to do with history or architecture or art or anything nerdy like that. And you know, when you go on field trip with your archaeology class it is as history nerdy as it can be :D

So first of all we went to a big excavation that is going on in the city I live in. They have found a Stone Age settlement and graves, and also an Iron Age settlement with a graveyard. They also had found ovens like the one we excavated!

one huge trenchHere is one of the gigantonormous trenches at this excavation. O___O I mean, wow. Do you remember our silly 12 square metre trenches? Well… These were bigger. The tiny green line of grass behind the archaeologists is the border of the monsterous thing. Luckily for them they don’t have to dig everything by hand like we did xD

gångggriftAfter visiting the excavation we went to a passage tomb! This was so cool!

på väg inYou could actually go crawl inside it, so of course we all had to try it! I have never seen one this close up before, so this was super fun :D

i gånggriftHere I am with my some of my super classmates (they are the ones smiling) inside the grave! you could almost stand up straight inside the chamber.

ljusterapiLastly we went to a museum with an exhibition on Stone Age life, but they also had exhibitions with historical stuff which I love just a tiny bit more than the Stone Age theme. Here is a light therapy device from the scarier part of the 20th Century xD You’d sit on that chair, close the door and stick your head through the hole in the top, and let the magic lamps do their work!

shopAnd here is a reconstruction of a cute early 20th Century shop. :3 Eye candy!