Gargoyles and Grotesques


Today is Saturday and I plan to be super lazy to gather some energy for the next week of excavating. Being super lazy means watching tv and write a letter or maybe two :) Before I start I’ll post a few pictures of my incoming and outgoing mail the last weeks:
BarbaraGorgeous typewritten letter from Barbara in Germany!

Lindalinda stampsA postcard I got in a swap from Linda. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it was up for swapping :) And look at the wonderful stamps she used! I absolutely love The Norwich Mail in a Thunder Storm 1827.

cecilia mopI’ve also put together a couple mail somethings for my parents and a friend. It’s nothing big or amazing, but lately I’ve enjoyed sending some mail love to my real life dearest.

stampsAnd once again I had to restock on stamps. I love the ones furthest to the right, but they’re not self-adhesive so I can’t use them on all my weird material envelopes (they don’t stick to plastic etc). ¬†Hopefully I’ll get some use of my new stamp stash today :D


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