Among Thieves and Vampire Hunters


This weekend I finally got to play some good old board games again! I and my boyfriend had a friend over and played two great games:

city of thieves

City of Thieves. Each player plays a group of thieves, and you want to rob the city of as much treasures as possible and then get all of your thieves out of the city before the city watch catches them. It comes with 8 different scenarios which makes it possible to change the dynamics from game to game. It also has a really nice design, which I always appreciate in a game. :)  I won really big this time!

fury of draculaThen we played Fury of Dracula. I am sure I have mentioned this game before since it’s one of my favourite board games. One person plays Dracula, who is back to take over Europe (this takes place after the novel), and the other players are the vampire hunters who have to find Dracula and his vampires and kill him before he reaches his goal. The hunters’ moves are open while Dracula keeps his hidden. This means the hunters need to find him in Europe/on the game board  before they can start their battle. Once again I won! I usually think it’s rather hard to win as Dracula, but I guess the other players entered tired-and-dumb-mode a couple of hours earlier in the night than I did :D And yes, props and eerie music makes every gaming session even more awesome!


I also read some manga this weekend for the first time in months. This has been the weekend of revisiting old hobbies! I bought a few random mangas I haven’t tried before just to see if I could find something I liked enough to start reading the whole series of it. I have caught up with my favourite mangas and only get to read new ones every few months when they are released, so I need more favorites! One of the mangas I tried was Pig Bride. It wasn’t overly fantastic, but entertaining enough for me to consider to read at least one more volume :) If you have any great manga recommendation to share I’d love to hear it! I am currently looking for something humorous/absurd and if possible kind of real life-related, but nothing too lovey-dovey. Skip Beat! is one of my favourite mangas and falls into the genre I’m looking for, even if it’s getting more and more about the romance and less about the absurdities.

pig brideThis is how cake is supposed to be eaten. (From Pig Bride)



And today was the first day of 3 weeks of excavating an iron age village as part of my studies in historical archaeology. :D I’m super excited! Today was an introduction day, but tomorrow we’ll start digging for realsies and I can’t wait. I have new rubber boots and all!


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