Penpal meet-up


Yesterday something exciting happened! I met my penpal Katrin from Germany for the first time ever :D I have never ever met any of my penpals before actually, so I was kind of nervous that I’d seem totally lame compared to in my letters. I think Katrin is a better judge than me on how I came across, but I do know that I enjoyed our quick meet-up in a little town close to where I live. :)

I first came in contact with her at InterPals back in January 2012, and we started exchanging letters. It’s crazy to think that I have met some of my greatest penpals at that site considering that it seems like it’s only good for receiving spam and random marriage proposals.

Anyway, Katrin is working as a tourist guide and has travelled through Scandinavia by bus this summer (sounds awesome, she has seen more of these countries than I have!) and yesterday the bus made its last stop for the tour in the small city Landskrona, so I took the train right over there for a beer or two and a chat. It’s so much fun to see the person behind all the letters!

20130909_231707And here we are outside her hotel! Katrin’s on the right, and I would be the weirdo on the left.

presentAs  usual I missed her birthday (I am terrible at remembering dates. Terrible. Don’t ever take that personally.) so I brought her a late little birthday present. I thought you snailmailers would appreciate the cute mail themed wrapping paper :)

Landskrona by nightWhen it was time for me to catch my train home I did of course miss it. This is a typical Sofie mistake, happens all the time! Luckily there was one more train that night, otherwise I would have to spend the night on a bench xD I had to do 100 minutes of waiting though, and let me tell you: Landskrona a Monday night is not the place to be!

This meet-up was awesome, and if Katrin visits Sweden again I’ll track her down next time too!


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    • Aww, you’re way too sweet Yoshi! <3
      It wasn't that bad waiting for the train since most people sleep on Monday nights instead of hanging at the station. Plus I had instagram to entertain me ;)

    • Missing the train was no biggie since I could catch another one. And internet on the phone really helps you pass the time ;) I hope your journey home was ok and that you have gotten some rest by now! :)

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