To my penpals: I have some sad news.

I have been going over this in my head for some time now and I have reached the decision that I need to cut down on penpals. It breaks my heart because I have become good friends with all of you. Due to this semester’s increased work load (I have a thesis to write and several weeks of full time scheduled studying and excavating) I can not see how I could possibly keep up with my incoming letters. I have problems already to get my letters out in decent time.

It was never my intent to take on too many penpals just to have to break it up when life got busier, and I am really sorry that it turned out like this for some of you guys. My penpal ad on Julie’s blog and my membership in LEP put me in contact with lots and lots of interesting letter writers and it was hard not to respond to them all.

I will of course not stop penpalling entirely, but I hope that with fewer people to reply to I will be able to maintain a more regular and inspired letter writing experience. As some of you know I’ve been in a slump lately when it comes to writing, and I think part of it is because of the pressure to reply to the mountain of incoming letters and still have time for my other hobbies.

With this in mind I hope you can understand where I come from and that I’m not an evil person. I will continue writing to the persons I feel closest to, and I will send a short letter or postcard with the bad news to the penpals I break up with. I know some people think that this is a horrible way to do it, but I myself would feel better to know how things are instead of waiting for a letter for months, just to realised I’ve been dumped. So that’s why.

Lets hug it out!


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