So yesterday the new semester started, and I think it will be an intense but exciting one. It’s time for me to write my bachelor’s thesis on historical archaeology, and we’ll also actually be digging. I have dreamed about this very moment since I was 7-ish years old. If I die during the process of writing my thesis I can die happy knowing I followed my childhood dream :) Kind of cheesy and kind of true.


The bad news is that I have still not managed to kick my writer’s block’s ass, so I don’t have much incoming or outgoing mail to show you guys. (I hope I’ll be out of this writing slump when the thesis writing begins! O__O) But I did send a postcard to Denise, which should reach her soon I hope. I love the pig stamp :)

KarinThis is an envelope containing two granny squares that will be sent off to Karin, my boyfriend’s sister. The granny squares will be added to a big blanket made of lots and lots of squares crocheted by a group of persons from different places in Sweden. Most of us have never met in person, but we have a facebook group dedicated to sharing of crocheting patterns, blanket planning and general wooing over the prettty granny squares we all make ;) When the blanket is finished it will be donated for a good cause. It’s such a great project! We’re currently on our third blanket, and it’s really fun to see the end result!

readingThis what I am currently reading.
Since I’ve finished A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin and I’m still waiting for the next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series (also known as Game of Thrones) I had to find something else to read in between books. I was brave enough to try another fantasy book. I don’t like to read another book in the same genre as the book I just finished and loved, because it usually turns out to be a disappointment since my mind is still stuck in the world of the last book. Does this make any sense? Anyway, this is a totally different kind of fantasy and style, so it was not a problem this time. Rivers of London is an urban fantasy crime fiction. It has ghosts and nymphs and magic. Yes magic. I do love magic. And the author has that dry sarcasm in his voice that I just can’t resist. I’d recommend you to give this book a try if you’re looking for a humorous modern day fantasy about crime solving in London. It’s not a heavy read, so you can easily plough through in a couple of days if you don’t have a very busy life. I’ll probably have to read more from this author because I’m really enjoying this book!


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  1. How interesting. When I lived down in the south, the University of South Alabama did a dig in the woods across from me. Lots of artifacts (especially soldiers’ uniform buttons) were unearthed.

    • Oh, how lovely to have an excavation going on so close to your home! I’d be sneaking around the digging area all the time, getting a first hand look on what they found :)

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