I have been a bit absent from writing letters and blogging lately, and I partly blame this:

Hallvi_picture819The Secret World –  awesome horror/mystery/Lovecraftian mmorpg. I am utterly absorbed.

I have however received two lovely letters I want to show you guys :)

deniseDenise sent me a letter and some über cute stickers! Thank you so much dear Denise!
It is amazing how you spoil me eventhough you have a crazy busy life to attend to at the moment. Love and hugs from me!

JenniferI also got this cool archaeology themed envelope (with letter ;) from Jennifer in Germany!  And it has a church stamp! So many boxes are ticked :D

Even though I have been lazy when it comes to writing letters lately I did somehow manage to run out of stamps. But fear not, I have stocked up! I want to have everything I need when the writing inspiration hits again. I may or may not be waiting for gel pens ordered from ebay as well. . .

stampsTwo of these designs are brand new: the flowers and the animal babies! (adorable!) And I had to order more of the good old cookie stamps because, well. Cookies.





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