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JulieLovely loveliness from lovable Julie in Canada. Thank you! :D

TanjaTanja sent me a long fun letter from Finland. This girl’s handwriting is super pretty! It’s such a joy to read it :)

To JoanaAnd here is a messy envelope I’ve sent out to Joana in Portugal. Vintage stamps galore!


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  1. Yay, my letter arrived safely :D Those meanies at the post office have, however, “ruined” the cute Moomin stamp by stamping it. How dare they? *lol* Oh, and thanks for complimenting my handwriting, I thank you! :)

    • Your handwriting is amazing, super readable even though it’s so tiny and cute :) And I love the Moomin stamp! Are Moomin called “Moomin” in Finland by the way? In Sweden his name is “Mumin” :) Which I almost confused with Munin >__> You know, Hugin & Munin? Anyway, the post office tend to ruin stamps :( Sometimes I’m in luck and they don’t cancel the stamps at all, but that doesn’t happen that often.

      • I guess it makes sense to cancel them by stamping whatever date&location on them. It’d just be better if they didn’t cover the entire stamp xD I love the Moomins as well: they’re called “Muumit” over, which is not so different from the Swedish name. Hugin & Munin? I must admit that I’ve never heard of them before, I have to google them now though!

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