Magic Mushrooms


I am currently fighting my writer’s block, and as soon as I got my flow back I remembered how fun it is to write. It’s so weird that I don’t seem to remember this when I’m in a slump. Oh well, I am back now! I’m working slow though since I exchange long letters with a lot of my penpals, but still, the process of writing replies has started :)

What amazes me is that even if I don’t write a letter for a month mail still keeps arriving in my mailbox! It’s some kind of awesome penpalling magic working here, I am sure. ;D

TanyaIncoming letter from Tanya in the US. I love the stamps!

ConnieThis is one of the letters I have written lately :) It is from Connie in the US, and the envelope is made out of a page from an old art history book.

DeniseA letter to my sweet Denise is heading her way.

JulieA letter for Julie in the US. She has been patient and waited forever for this letter. I hope she’ll like it, I had so much fun writing it!

YoshiJohanna, aka Yoshi, in Austria is receiving a strawberry/summer-themed envelope (with a letter inside ;).

mushroomsDo you guys write on both side of the paper? I often do since my letters tend to be long and Swedish postage is not cheap  -__-   I think it’s really fun to decorate the blank side though with stickers and washi and what not. I just wanted to show off my new favourite stickers: “Bonjour Seal, Cute Mushroom” :D I didn’t know mushrooms could be so adorable.




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