Berlin and Byron




Now it’s time to show you guys what loveliness I found in my mailbox when I came home from my 2 weeks vacation:

DeniseA postcard from my dear Denise in the US.

KatrinA postcard from Katrin from Germany.

AlmantéA cute letter from Almanté in Lithuania :)

Antonia NA lovely letter from Antonia in Australia. This letter got sent back to her once before I got it, so I am happy the postal workers knew where to find my mailbox the second time she sent it.

ReannonReannon’s (Canada) letters are always super pretty! And I love the green washi. I probably need to buy some green washi myself now :)

denisebrevDenise, Denise! She sent me a letter too! And look how cheerful and cute it is :D

CassandraThis bright yellow envelope with wonderful stamps is from Cassandra in Canada. She found me on SendSomething. Seriously, I love these stamps! And I had never seen the before. I wonder why the postage is cancelled with a pen instead of a stamp? It happens now and then. Any postal workers reading my bog?

KellyAnd lastly a simply gorgeous letter from Kelly in Canada. I have no idea how to top this. Look what’s inside:

20130801_153758Kelly’s letters are always super fun! Nothing’s better than a long, entertaining letter from a lovely friend.
AND LOOK – She sent me a drawing she made of Lord Byron  *__* <3 I swooned all over the place when I saw it. (Kelly, I hope that you don’t mind me posting this ;)
And she also sent me a Hetalia Hungary pin! :O :D It will be the best of friends with Germany!


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