So I am now home again after a trip to family and friends. It has been really nice to see my family, I already miss them. 1000 kilometers is a long distance when you don’t own a car.

I had some lovely mail waiting for me when I got back home, but I will save those pictures to later; tonight (it’s actually more early morning than night, but it’s too hot to sleep) I want to show you some amazing paper ephemera that travelled home with me from Hälsingland (the region of Sweden in which my family lives).

klistermärkenFirst of all I got a big stash of cute stickers from my fabulous aunt. She might just have doubled the size of my sticker collection :) And look! Unicorns! How awesome isn’t that?!

böckerI also scouted a couple of flea markets (lots of those around during the summer times), and found some books with pretty illustrations – for envelopes and mail art of course ;) I might frame a couple of pictures from the fairytale book on the right though. They are absolutely adorable!

tidningarAnd here is a true treasure: various magazines from between 1910 to 1948. The history nerd in me wants to kill the crafter in me for cutting these up, but I compromise by reading the articles before I hurry away to my paper crafting zone.

I have a lot of letter writing to do, and I hope to get started in the near future before the next semester starts. I will have a bachelor thesis to write this autumn. And yes, I have very patient penpals, and I am grateful for every one of them. I’ll be back soon with some incoming mail pictures :)


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    • It’s such a dilemma! But I try to think that it’s better that they’re being enjoyed in scraps than burned as trash by someone else’s hand. (This mind trick doesn’t work if you tell me that no one would burn them…)

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