2 weeks, 2 old home towns


I am heading off to my old home town tomorrow to visit my boyfriend’s family and our old friends. I  will stay there for a week before I travel further north to my other old home town and visit my own family for a week. So yeah, I’ll be gone 2 weeks (working the maths!).

I have had a heavy writer’s block lately and I do sincerely apologize to all of my suffering penpals for this. I will bring some writing supplies on the trip, but I fear there is little hope of me getting letters done; family and friends tend to claim  much of my time when I visit them (since it happens so rarely).

I have sent out one little letter lately though:

20130711_203247I made the envelope with a page from an adorable children’s book about a baby bat who loses his mum and gets adopted by a bird family. (SPOILER ALERT: He finds his mum in the end.) I just love the cute illustrations. Plus it’s about a bat. It’s awesome.

Hopefully I will have conquered this writer’s block when I get home again and can show you some more pictures of outgoing mail. I’ll have a month left of the summer vacation when I get home, so I should have plenty of time to catch up on my mail. This is the plan at least.


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