Hetalia, Monsters and mini memos


Italy GermanyToday I got utterly spoiled for no apparent reason. I don’t mind. :D
First of all my boyfriend had bought these Hetalia: Axis Powers pins :3 He wanted us to have one each and I got to choose which one I wanted. <3 I choose you Germany!  I really need to continue watching this highly amusing anime. Unfortunately the manga was sold out last time I checked my online crack book store, but I guess ebay can help a friend in need.

korina us 2Korina usI also found these absolutely adorable sticky notes in my mailbox today! A big thank you to Korina from the US! She is a fellow LEP-member and I won her give away in the LEP facebook group.
These cute little friends will make next semester’s thesis writing a little more fab and awesome :D


And today was also the day that my first ever order from kawaiishopjapan arrived! I haven’t discovered the loveliness of mini memo pads until just recently, but now that I own a handful of them I can feel the addiction sneak up on me… I will be back for more.

I also want to recommend this shop of stationery goodness to all of you who haven’t discovered it yet. The prices for items and shipping is reasonable, it was shipped right away and it only took 3 days (!) to arrive with regular airmail (Japan – Sweden). Also: the customer service was excellent! I made a mistake and had to contact them and be troublesome already at my first order, but it was solved smoothly. 5/5 stars from me!


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