Post-moving productivity



I have as you know been super busy with moving lately, but things are starting to coming together. We are now officially living in our new flat as it got an internet connection! Wohoo! I can now start slacking instead in front of the computer instead of unpacking boxes (yes, we still have a few left).

Yesterday I had a day off from the moving business, but still no internet connection, so it was the perfect time to start the process of catching up on my mail :)

DeniseOutgoing postcard picturing the city Lund.

HitomiHere is a letter to my new penpal Hitomi in Japan.

Katrin 3This is a short letter for my dear penpal Katrin in Germany. I used a mini-letter set for this, so I hope the small envelope doesn’t get lost in the mail. I know there are rules about the size of envelopes in the us postal system, but I haven’t heard of any rules like that in Sweden so I take my chances.

to Denise 3A letter to my dearest Denise in the US.

To EricaOutgoing letter that I sent a few days ago to Erica in Finland.

To FlickYesterday I decorated some paper to write a letter on to Flick in Australia. I had a bunch of used stamps in a drawer, so why not use them?

To Flick 2And here is the final result. The envelope is made from a page from an art book about the Swedish artist Anders Zorn.

to LindaI am also swapping two postcards with Linda on instagram. I want them to be a surprise, so I’m just showing you the stamps I used. These are actually my favourite modern Swedish stamps at the moment.  You know I love buildings, and who doesn’t love sweets?

VanessaA letter to Vanessa in Germany. The envelope is made from a page from a children’s book.

from deniiseLast picture: a lovely incoming letter from Denise in the US :)


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