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So I am now home again after a trip to family and friends. It has been really nice to see my family, I already miss them. 1000 kilometers is a long distance when you don’t own a car.

I had some lovely mail waiting for me when I got back home, but I will save those pictures to later; tonight (it’s actually more early morning than night, but it’s too hot to sleep) I want to show you some amazing paper ephemera that travelled home with me from Hälsingland (the region of Sweden in which my family lives).

klistermärkenFirst of all I got a big stash of cute stickers from my fabulous aunt. She might just have doubled the size of my sticker collection :) And look! Unicorns! How awesome isn’t that?!

böckerI also scouted a couple of flea markets (lots of those around during the summer times), and found some books with pretty illustrations – for envelopes and mail art of course ;) I might frame a couple of pictures from the fairytale book on the right though. They are absolutely adorable!

tidningarAnd here is a true treasure: various magazines from between 1910 to 1948. The history nerd in me wants to kill the crafter in me for cutting these up, but I compromise by reading the articles before I hurry away to my paper crafting zone.

I have a lot of letter writing to do, and I hope to get started in the near future before the next semester starts. I will have a bachelor thesis to write this autumn. And yes, I have very patient penpals, and I am grateful for every one of them. I’ll be back soon with some incoming mail pictures :)




So I am currently visiting my family in Hälsingland. Rumor has it that I have several pieces of mail waiting for me back at home, but they will have to wait until Tuesday.

I haven’t written many letters during during my trip, as predicted, but this one will be on its way to the US tomorrow:


But I have spwnt some time on another of my favourite activities: roadtrippin’ and viewed some beautiful countryside churches. This is an old belfry, and the other photo is the amazing view I got to enjoy at another stop on my roadtrip:



2 weeks, 2 old home towns


I am heading off to my old home town tomorrow to visit my boyfriend’s family and our old friends. I  will stay there for a week before I travel further north to my other old home town and visit my own family for a week. So yeah, I’ll be gone 2 weeks (working the maths!).

I have had a heavy writer’s block lately and I do sincerely apologize to all of my suffering penpals for this. I will bring some writing supplies on the trip, but I fear there is little hope of me getting letters done; family and friends tend to claim  much of my time when I visit them (since it happens so rarely).

I have sent out one little letter lately though:

20130711_203247I made the envelope with a page from an adorable children’s book about a baby bat who loses his mum and gets adopted by a bird family. (SPOILER ALERT: He finds his mum in the end.) I just love the cute illustrations. Plus it’s about a bat. It’s awesome.

Hopefully I will have conquered this writer’s block when I get home again and can show you some more pictures of outgoing mail. I’ll have a month left of the summer vacation when I get home, so I should have plenty of time to catch up on my mail. This is the plan at least.

Summer holidays


So all my classes are finished, I got a good overall grade for the semester, and I have no job to spend my days on. How to entertain myself during these 10 weeks of total freedom?

hurtsFirst of all we had the whole moving two blocks to a better apartment project. We are almost all packed up now, and we even got room for some new furniture. This wonderful little drawer thing from IKEA for example! I store my paper scraps, stamps, stickers and tapes in it (and other stuff :). Love it!

I also try to catch up on my mail. It is a slow progress, but I’m getting there. Even though I am behind on my mail I still get some loveliness in my mailbox:

20130710_13374320130710_133752The two postcards I got in a swap with Linda. Steam Age and Orient Express. They’re awesome!

joanaA thick beautiful envelope from Joana in Portugal. Nothing is better than a long letter to read on a rainy summer day :)

rutorI also keep myself busy crocheting granny squares for a quilt or two. I just can’t stay away from those brightly coloured yarns!

Hallvi_picture118And yeah, I play way too much The Secret World. I also recently installed The Sims 3 again, so I can escape the warm sunny weather all days with computer gaming if I feel like it (and I do).

a storm of swordsLast but not least I love summer holidays for the simple reason that I finally have time to read again! Yesterday I finished A Clash of Kings, and today I’m starting on this one.

In the midst of this productiveness I’m also planning a trip to visit my family and friends.
How do you guys plan to make the most of your summer holidays/leave?