Castles and Dragons


Hello folks! I am still pretty busy moving. Right now I am waiting for IKEA to deliver our new couch to our apartment, so before working up a rage over building ikea furniture I thought I’d dhow you some mail I have gotten the last days.

ConnieA letter from Connie in the US! And I got this right in the middle of moving furniture, so it provided a nice break!

EricaA letter from Erica in Finland. Just look at the cute paper and that fun semi transparent envelope! :D

HitomiThis is a letter from my new penpal Hitomi in Japan. I love her neat handwriting!

JenniferA letter from Jennifer in Germany. Tor-Ulf loves his new dragon friend :)

MeredithAnd this is a postcard I got from Meredith in the US. Thank you so much for picking me out of all the LEP members who wanted post cards from you! :D If I was rich everything I built would look like a castle :)

I will probably, maybe, perhaps be done with this moving thing by the beginning of next week, so then I hope to sit down and start replying to all the mail I have received lately. I am sorry that I keep all my penpals waiting, but fear not, I have not abandoned you!


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