Necrotic Mutations and granny squares


I have been busy playing The Secret World, packing moving boxes and writing papers lately. And I still am. But I have taken a break in the computer gaming since I have a life to take care of :( I have a paper to tackle today, and hope to be moved in to the new apartment by the end of next week so I can spend 24/7 on mmorpg playing and letter writing after that. :)

secret worldThis is me killing a Necrotic Mutation.
DIE MONSTER DIE! GO BACK TO HELL! *slams keyboard and jumps up and down*

rutorI have also spent some time on a more productive hobby: crocheting! These are some of the granny squares for the quilt I’m planning to decorate or new home with. I think I will make 9×10 squares, and I have 73 squares now so I am soon there! (And yes, all squares are different. It’s going to be a wonderful explosion of colours! :D )

CatrinI also got some mail photos for you guys! This is a beautiful incoming church postcard for me and Thomas from his sister Cathrin and her husband.

MaudeAnd I also got a letter from Maude in France. She made me a bookmark! I never have bookmarks enough :D Thank you! Oh, and I love the stamps she used for the envelope.

postcardsYesterday I visited the university library to find some books I need for an archaeology paper. I didn’t find all the books, but I found out that they sell pretty postcards so I had to buy a bunch :D These are going out to Aiko in Japan, Julie in Canada and Barbara in Germany with my new address.

deniseThis very green thing is going out to Denise in the US soon. (The postal worker I spoke with yesterday didn’t know what kind of customs declaration thingy I needed….)

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