My Secret World


secretworldI have been absent from blogging and letter writing lately, and this picture sums up why; I have had papers to write (still have) and I just started playing The Secret World. And when I start playing an mmorpg my life kind of… disappears in the background somewhere. Is any of you dear readers playing this superb game too?

Today I started packing the first boxes for our move to the new(er) apartment! Wohoo! The moving business will most likely take up a lot of my time the coming two or three weeks, but I will try to sit down and write a letter or two soon. Hopefully I can save the letter sets and washi tapes from the packing for a few more days.

But I have received some mail I’d like to show you guys! Let your eyes feast upon these pretty incoming pieces:


Anni in Finland sent me this whole pile of wonderfulness in the LEP diary swap. Thank you so much! Your bribes have not gone unnoticed ;)

MaakieA lovely and long letter from Maaike in The Netherlands!
(Sorry for the pink cloud, I had to format my computer and now photoshop is missing so I had to work some paint magic)

JulieA very fun and interesting letter from Julie in the US. I love the mailart!

Denisedenise2Dear Denise in the US sent me some cherry licorice! :O It was yummy and now it’s gone for ever. And today I got this beautiful postcard from her as well. Don’t worry Denise, I will not cross the mythological beast! I am sure we will become the best of friends :D


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