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Castles and Dragons


Hello folks! I am still pretty busy moving. Right now I am waiting for IKEA to deliver our new couch to our apartment, so before working up a rage over building ikea furniture I thought I’d dhow you some mail I have gotten the last days.

ConnieA letter from Connie in the US! And I got this right in the middle of moving furniture, so it provided a nice break!

EricaA letter from Erica in Finland. Just look at the cute paper and that fun semi transparent envelope! :D

HitomiThis is a letter from my new penpal Hitomi in Japan. I love her neat handwriting!

JenniferA letter from Jennifer in Germany. Tor-Ulf loves his new dragon friend :)

MeredithAnd this is a postcard I got from Meredith in the US. Thank you so much for picking me out of all the LEP members who wanted post cards from you! :D If I was rich everything I built would look like a castle :)

I will probably, maybe, perhaps be done with this moving thing by the beginning of next week, so then I hope to sit down and start replying to all the mail I have received lately. I am sorry that I keep all my penpals waiting, but fear not, I have not abandoned you!

Swedish Summer is Strawberries

Swedish Summer is Strawberries


This is the first piece of mail that arrived to my new mailbox! :D

We are in the middle of moving and live between piles of boxes at the moment. When it’s all unpacked and put in order this new apartment will be great! I love it here already, even though it’s a big mess.


I will be busy putting furniture together tomorrow, and I am visiting my dear cousin this weekend for some midsummer celebrations. We haven’t met in a year so I really look forward to it :)

I wish you all a wonderful midsummer and I’ll be back to my blog next week, hopefully with some pictures of outgoing mail!

Necrotic Mutations and granny squares


I have been busy playing The Secret World, packing moving boxes and writing papers lately. And I still am. But I have taken a break in the computer gaming since I have a life to take care of :( I have a paper to tackle today, and hope to be moved in to the new apartment by the end of next week so I can spend 24/7 on mmorpg playing and letter writing after that. :)

secret worldThis is me killing a Necrotic Mutation.
DIE MONSTER DIE! GO BACK TO HELL! *slams keyboard and jumps up and down*

rutorI have also spent some time on a more productive hobby: crocheting! These are some of the granny squares for the quilt I’m planning to decorate or new home with. I think I will make 9×10 squares, and I have 73 squares now so I am soon there! (And yes, all squares are different. It’s going to be a wonderful explosion of colours! :D )

CatrinI also got some mail photos for you guys! This is a beautiful incoming church postcard for me and Thomas from his sister Cathrin and her husband.

MaudeAnd I also got a letter from Maude in France. She made me a bookmark! I never have bookmarks enough :D Thank you! Oh, and I love the stamps she used for the envelope.

postcardsYesterday I visited the university library to find some books I need for an archaeology paper. I didn’t find all the books, but I found out that they sell pretty postcards so I had to buy a bunch :D These are going out to Aiko in Japan, Julie in Canada and Barbara in Germany with my new address.

deniseThis very green thing is going out to Denise in the US soon. (The postal worker I spoke with yesterday didn’t know what kind of customs declaration thingy I needed….)

The art of wrecking


I got this most wonderful thing in the mail today from Cecilia, my bestest of friends! She told me she had sent me a letter, so I got surprise to find this little book of madness in my mailbox. I have already started to the process of total destruction, and even my boyfriend got jealous of this journal :D

(I have heard of Wreck This Journal before, but never actually seen it, and it’s more fun than I imagined! )


This is how I found it in my mailbox. I love that Cecilia followed the instructions and mailed it to her best friend, and I love that the string didn’t come off in the mail. Yes, I only have love for all of this.


wreckThe postal system had already begun the wrecking, which was the point.

scratchI had to play with this right away! Scratching is fun, and it gave me some inspiration for mail art. Destruction as a creative inspiration is a great concept.

4lettersSome colourful Swedish words for you :)


Thank you a lot Cecilia! I hope we can compare wrecked journals next time we meet since you told me that you have one too :D

*off to do some more wrecking of journal*