Sticker joy and hummingbirds


Today is a great day! Why?

Well, first of all: our group work is finished! We are done with the report on the 16th century church we have been researching. It was a fun project, but it’s equally fun that it’s over. ;)
Second of all: I got loads of stickers in my mailbox today! I ordered them from kawaiistickers4you which is one of my favourite etsy shops out there (warning – totally addictive place :).



Yesterday was a great mail day, I got no less than 3 letters! Will try to write to my waiting penpals this weekend since I no longer have a report to write.

ConnieA super cute letter from Connie in the US.

deniseAn envelope full with paper goodies +  letter from dearest Denise in the US. Thank you! <3

TanyaA letter written on gorgeous paper from Tanya in the US.



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    • I think you have to if you like cute stickers! ;)

      The shipping is always really quick too and I gotta say I appreciate that. I ordered these May 23rd and I got them today! And that’s from Japan to Sweden.

      I just noticed though that the shop is closed until June 15th though :/

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