In my mail box


I haven’t posted mail pictures in 10+ days now, and I have had a lot of both incoming and outgoing mail to since the last mail post. Well, for me this is a lot :)
To avoid hurting your eyes with all these pretty mail images I will save the photos of outgoing mail till tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I will add a letter to the outgoing pile tonight?

blandat incoming

The pink envelope contains stationery I ordered from Julie’s amazing shop LaPapierre. Then we have letters from Brittany and Denise in the US.


This week I got this lovely surprise from my boyfriend’s sister Cathrin in my mailbox! Her cards are always so very pretty and I love these cards with church drawings. I am curious about the beautiful stamp she has used picturing the writing lady. Is it something vintage?


Two of the many postcards I have received lately. Tara’s collages are amazing, and I love how she magically turned some of them into postcards.

The Corn Palace postcard is from Denise, and here follows a few more creative mail items I have gotten from her the last two-ish weeks. (Yes, we have an intense mail relationship ;)

denise Denise2 (2) denise2

~      ~      ~      ~      ~


The picture above is of a gorgeous envelope (containing a letter) that I received from Flick in Australia.

weronikaA letter from my dear old penpal Weronika in Poland.  Okay, Weronika isn’t old, but we go way back. It was great hearing from you dear!



As you might know I visited Linköping last weekend. Before the gaming madness began I had time to visit one of the city’s op shops, and I bought myself two children’s books to use for mail art projects. One is from the early 80’s and teaches children about life on earth, and the other is an adorable story about a baby bat growing up with birds.

I also bought some nerdy paper ephemera at a so called junk auction at the tabletop gaming convention. One is a map with hexagon grid for some kind of strategy games, and then we have an old roleplaying adventure (the Ice Daemon thing), and the last find was a pad with old roleplaying sheets for the Swedish Star Wars roleplay. It’s from 1988 so it’s as old as I am! :D

nerd ephemeria


20130516_134050-MOTIONDescribing my day today: Old things and summer weather <3


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