LinCon 2013


tårtaThis last weekend I went to my old home town Linköping for the yearly tabletop gaming convention that is held there. My little brother and I met up in Linköping, ready to get this tradition of ours started. He always came down to LinCon (as the convention is called) when I lived in town, and we saw no reason to not go this year just because I’ve moved 500 kilometres further south. My boyfriend is busy with studying for his exams so he could not come with us unfortunately, but that didn’t stop me from having some board gaming action!

It’s been 3 days of nonstop gaming, and meeting with old friends. Unfortunately I got a cold just right on time for the convention, but I fought it bravely with help from the drug store. All in all it was an awesome weekend!

On the picture on the left is a cake that my amazing friend made me our first night in Linköping. It’s an ice cream castle! SERIOUSLY. ICE CREAM CASTLE. (Did you catch that?)

After the first night’s meet-up with beer and cake the gaming began!

Japanese GamesA couple of our friends spent most of their time in this room that had lots of imported Japanese tabletop games. So, well, I spent quite some time in there as well. Here are some of the games the guy who arranged the Japanese gaming bar provided the convention’s visitor with. Some of these games are crazy! And most of them have super nice illustrations. Here are the Japanese games I played:

Love Letters

Love Letter

I don’t know really how the letters come into the story (probably didn’t read the flavour text in the rules), but it was a fun and quick card game that was easy to learn.
And no, the upskirt picture of the anime girl is not part of the game, it’s just the table cloth.



Passion2Passion is a card game about Christian golf players.


The golf course seems to be situated in some fantasy landscape, and the golfers’ clubs are all kind of…. extreme. My character had a badass sledgehammer golf club thingy. She was looked rather badass in general actually.  :D   —>

We played this game on 6 players instead of the recommended maximum 4, which made it take forever and we did not finish it. It was fun though, and I appreciate the weird concept. Hopefully they will have this in the Japanese gaming bar next year too so that I can try it with fewer players and finish it properly!

Say Bye to the Villians

Say Bye to the Villians

 A card game about kicking some villians’ asses. You play as a team and need to plan and play together to take down the bad guys, and in the end everyone gets one villian to fight. If Everyone defeats their appointed villian the team of players win, but if one players loses all the team loses.

We lost, but at least I won over my villian, so I am not to blame! (Not getting the group work thing.)



A card game about dancing! This was way fun but a bit complicated. You are four players and play 4 rounds. Every round you change dance partner, and try to get the highest score as a team, but the best dancer out of the two partners gets the highest score out of the team’s score. So you have to win as a team, and also be the best dancer in the team to win this game.

Lots of mind reading and memorizing is involved in this game. I love the unique concept and the pretty design!


Now leaving the Japanese games’ room and going on to other games:



This game is about gathering supplies to inventing/building awesome steampunk robots and vehicles. The design is really nice and I love the invention illustrations on the cards! We had some problems deciphering the rulebook at first, but when that was done it was a quite entertaining game.



So in this game you are playing angels during the 7 days God created the world. The tampon looking thing is God. The players are helping God in his work, and gathering points after how much work we get done during these seven days. Well, we also got point for NOT working on the seventh day since it’s a day of rest.

There is also a dark evil angel trying to ruin our work and score points before the players have the time to do so.  I played this with my brother, and we both agreed that it sucked because we had no chance what so ever to score points before the dark angel.

BUT it later came to our attention that we had read the rules wrong and that we had made it a lot harder for ourselves than it should be, so I’m sure the game is much more fun if you play it correctly.



Everyone loves Carcassonne, and we played it a few times during the convention even though I have it at home already. If you have not tried it yet, just do it!

A House Divided

A House Divided

A strategy game for two players taking place during the American civil war. I really, really liked this even though I lost both the times I played it with my brother. I will probably have to look for this so I can play it at home with my boyfriend.



In this game you want to place the pieces so that you get as many rows in the same colour as possible. It was easy and quick and a good pause when you’re tired from reading heavy rulebooks.


Shop shelves



So except for playing a lot of games we also roamed the many shops at the conventions. the picture above is a small portion of all the fun stuff you could buy if you had money on your pocket. We also went to the auction where nerds sell and buy games, books, figures, collectables etc. I didn’t buy anything but it’s always fun to see what’s for sale and how much some people spend on rare nerdy things .


Space Marine cosplayer

And I just wanted to show you this. We could not possible avoid noticing this awesome cosplayer since he was a foot or so taller than the tallest person around. He told us he had spent about 400 hours on making this Space Marine (Warhammer 40 000) costume/robot armour or whatever you would call it. It was amazing. O__O I kind of got scared when I saw him walking towards us in the corridor. It even made robotic sounds when he moved.

But he was really nice and my friend even got a hug from him as you can see :)

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

The last night in Linköping after the convention we of course spent on playing a board game ;)

We played Game of Thrones , and I was the house of Tyrell. I had never tried this before but it was really fun! We were maximum number of players (6) so it took it’s time and it took me a few rounds to learn the rules well enought to know what I was doing (kind of). I didn’t win, but I didn’t lose either, so I feel good about my first try with this game. I’d definitely play it again.


I already look forward to the next year’s LinCon. But until then: do you guys have any recommendations on tabletop games that I should try? Any favourites? Tried any of the above, and if so – what did you think of them?


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