The worst thing about weekends is definitely that there is no mail delivered. No, not even on Saturdays.
One of the many  nice things about weekends is that I have time to do some catching up on my mail, and other mail related things, like organizing my letters in alphabetical and chronological order! Finally I know where to go when I need to look at this or that letter or this or that stamp!


Outgoing postcard.


Some random rambling and weirdness for Jess in USA.


Kawaii letter for Tanya in USA.


And a letter for Barbara in Germany. (I love this adorable letter set!)


This is where I have my mail now. I will probably decorate the box with some of the random bits of paper I have scattered all over the apartment when I am in need of something to do while watching TV :)
I used to have my letters in bags (!) in random order, so I feel very proud for making sense of that mess.


Tomorrow is a mail day again, wohoo! I still have 4 letters to reply to, but maybe I will find time for that between the classes and sleep during the week. But I am going to this super nerdy gaming convention on Thursday to Sunday, so those days will be sacred to tabletop gameing! :D So excited!


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