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Sticker joy and hummingbirds


Today is a great day! Why?

Well, first of all: our group work is finished! We are done with the report on the 16th century church we have been researching. It was a fun project, but it’s equally fun that it’s over. ;)
Second of all: I got loads of stickers in my mailbox today! I ordered them from kawaiistickers4you which is one of my favourite etsy shops out there (warning – totally addictive place :).



Yesterday was a great mail day, I got no less than 3 letters! Will try to write to my waiting penpals this weekend since I no longer have a report to write.

ConnieA super cute letter from Connie in the US.

deniseAn envelope full with paper goodies +  letter from dearest Denise in the US. Thank you! <3

TanyaA letter written on gorgeous paper from Tanya in the US.


Oversized cushion and letters

from denise2

From dearest Denise in the US

from denise3

From Denise


From Denise. I absolutely adore this envelope!

To Denise1

Outgoing letter to Denise


To Anni in Finland.


To Kelly in Canada


To Erica in Finland


I have been taking up this old project again. It is for my dad, but I have no idea what to make of this huge crocheted HD logo. Maybe an oversized cushion?

Secret Mission


Incoming letter from Katrin in Germany. I love the Tea time stamp!


Super cute letter from Erica in Finland! This explosion of colours put a smile on my face.

till Katrin

My reply to Katrin’s letter. Yes, I was quick with this one! :) How do you like the ice hockey stamp? I am personally no big fan >__> Maybe because I am not into hockey. I think the cookie stamp is way prettier! (And yes, I am a big fan of cookies.)

till denise

Outgoing glassine letter to Denise.


Tor-Ulf is a little sad that no one seems to have missed him during the several weeks he was gone on a secret mission. But now he’s back and says hi to you all!

Outgoing mail and maybe some washi


Yesterday I gave you some of my pretty incoming mail to look at, and today is the last 12-ish days of outgoing mail on display. I have been kind of slow replying the last two weeks because of life related business, but I am planning on doing some letter writing this weekend, so please don’t despair if you are waiting for a reply from me.

annaA thank you note for my childhood friend Anna who sent me a gift a couple of weeks ago :) I adore this whimsy washi tape!


Outgoing letter to Brittany in the US.


A letter to Yoshi in Austria. The envelope is made with a page from an old art book. Old art books are the best! (…I like new art books too, but not for cutting into pieces. )


Washified envelope hiding a birthday card for my cousin Linda.


Letter heading to Tanja in Finland. What do you think about the new Swedish stamps with cookies?


A card to Cathrin as a thank you for the beautiful card she sent me earlier this week.


A letter to the amazing Denise in the US. I wrote it on my train ride to Linköping last weekend. I bet the hand writing is kind of wobbly.

todenise3todenise2And here are two more letters that I have sent to Denise the last two weeks. As I told you before, we have an intense writing relationship :) I hope she doesn’t drown under a pile of incoming mail from me…


washisNew washi tapes for me! Wohoo!

I am starting to realise that I need to have a better way to store my washi collection and have spotted some great stackable washi holders in etsy. But then we have the problem with the ridiculous shipping costs. Do you guys know where I can buy good washi holders for a sane price?