Yesterday I got some great mail: three lovely letters and and the now very late Christmas gift for my boyfriend! (It was sent to me once way earlier but my post office sent it back to the US for some stupid reason before I had the chance to pick it up.)


A letter from Almanté in Lithuania, written on very pretty paper! And I love the church postcard as well :)


A super kawaii letter from Connie in the US.


A letter from my Dearest Denise. I love the stamps! Thank you so much for sending them! :)


I wrapper Thomas’ gift in Christmas paper, of course. ;) Love those little pigs! I even wrote him a card. He was a little disappointed though that we didn’t have any ginger snaps at home for our mini-Christmas.


And this is what I got him; a nerdy TARDIS clock, ordered on etsy. I think he likes it. I know I do ;)


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