Birthday gift from Amazing Aiko


I got a big surprise in my mailbox today; a birthday present from dear friend Aiko in Japan! I am overly excited about this so I had to show it to you guys.

First of all, the parcel looks amazing. So many cute stamps! And when I opened it I stopped breathing for a while (I do that when I see things that I really like for some reason. Maybe I need to see a Doctor?) So much cuteness! She has really spoiled me and I don’t know how to thank her properly!

Have a look:


It’s impossible not to get happy when you find this in your mail!


The back is really pretty too! I love the rabbit.


Why are there no beautiful and cute stamps like these in Sweden? Why?!


Adorable! :D


And here is the incredible quantity of kawaii I found inside. 7 letter sets. SEVEN. Aiko, you are crazy and you have been way too nice to me!



When my boyfriend saw these two he told me with a very serious face:
“Sofie hun, remember that you can’t actually eat these.”


Wonderful tapes with illustrations made by the artist Yuko Higuchi. Google her name and you will see some gorgeous pictures! I asked Aiko to buy them for me and she sent them along with the gifts. I can’t wait to use them!


This little fellow looks like me!

Thank you dear Aiko, I will keep my eyes open for something really nice for you as a token of love from me. These gifts are amazing and you made my day a really happy one!


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