back home in Sweden


I am back from a week of vacation in Crete, Greece. I had a wonderful time and could easily have stayed another week!


I looked at some old pile of stones, just as I had promised myself to do! This is the Fortezza in Rethymno.


The incredible view from the fortress.

oldest road

And what archaeologist in training wouldn’t go to Knossos when visiting Crete? Here is Europe’s oldest road! I am way too excited over the fact that I have walked on it.


I also visited Rethymno’s archaeological museum, and this duck at the foot of an ancient statue is the cutest little thing I ever saw!


Well, after all the walking and sightseeing one or several cool beverages is in order. The owner of this restaurant picked a lemon directly from the tree for me :O That is so exotic! I had never even seen a lemon tree before xD And yes, that is me and my boyfriend.


We also found interesting things on the beach. (Another thing I have never seen in real life before.) Poor guy. His big blue eyes were so sad.


Finding a mailbox full of letters and goodies made it worth coming back home to the cold again! I have some writing to do <3


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  1. I’m glad you’re back! Also glad that you enjoyed yourself, that old road is pretty cool, I’d probably freak out a little if I’d walked on it too :D
    It all looks so WARM, I’m longing for spring/summer SO much, this winter has been harsh, and I genuinely wish it was just..WARM.

    Btw, my boyfriend has a small lemon tree. In his apartment. It even has lemons!!

    • It was warm! About 25 degrees. So nice! I’m glad we didn’t go during Greek summer ’cause that would have killed me. I would have drowned in my own sweat and that wouldn’t have been a very pretty sight at all.

      He has a what now? A lemon tree? How small are we talking? Bonsai? Are the lemons edible? It sounds like a plant I would actually try to take care of if I had one!

      • Haha, that sounded hilarious and horrible at the same time :P Man I want summer.

        About a meter high! The lemons are normal sized, I have two in the fridge,they’re perfectly edible D.

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