Today I got my inks! :D I was surprised to find that I ordered 3 colours. I thought I only bought 2, but no, apparently I couldn’t resist adding a third to my order. And apparently I shop too much since I can’t keep track of what I’m buying.(?)

inksI have no idea what brands of ink are good quality and which to stay away from, so I did as I do in most important choices in life;  just went for the prettiest :3

Here is a sample of Fernambuk:

inktryThe lighting in the room + my camera + your computer screen probably make this photo terribly inaccurate in colour rendering, so you’ll have to trust me when I say it’s a very pretty raspberry-ish red.

Other mailrelated stuff that happened today: I posted a handful of postcards, a letter and a package! I never thought the post workers would agree to let me send the monstrous package I put together, but they simply informed me that it would be (marginally) cheaper to send the objects in one of those ugly green sacks that the Swedish post provides us with. But that’s no way to send a birthday gift so I humbly  refused to change my mind :)




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  1. Ooh, I like the bottles, they look all old-fashioned. I’d love to see the greens too, I only have green cartridges for one of my pens at the moment, but I’ve found that I like the bottled inks better, they just have a better flow and the pen doesn’t “lag” as much while writing. :D

    • I love the green inks! :D I am really happy I bought both and didn’t settle for just one of them. Now I need a pretty turquoise ink! And a basic black one. Brown would be nice too. And lavender or goth-purple.
      So many colours I can’t live without!
      I am really curious about trying orange ink as well!

      Do you have some favourite brand of ink to recommend so far?

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