Today my class made a trip to Copenhagen to visit the museum Davids samling (David’s Collection).
It was my first trip to Denmark ever! :O It’s been a really nice spring day and just being out in the sun in a (kind of) foreign country made getting up from bed early worth it.

We viewed a great collection of Islamic artefacts and art. So many beautiful objects I wanted to bring back home! Since me getting arrested in Denmark would have killed the mood I bought some postcards from the museum instead of kidnapping museum objects.


Brochures and postcards from Davids samling.


Adorable 10th Century plate! This would have looked great anywhere in my apartment!

Then we headed on to lunch (I had the most delicious ice tea ever), and I also had time for a stroll in a comic shop. This of course resulted in me buying stuff.


I bought Blade of the Immortal and Black Butler (I love manga xD) and a graphic novel version of one of my favourite books: Interview with the Vampire <3

That was today’s awesomeness. Yesterday’s awesomeness was this: 5 pieces of mail for me! It must have stacked up during the 4 days of no mail delivery, also known as Easter.


A fun letter from Julie in the US who found me through I will definitely reply to this asap!


Beautiful letter, as always, from Reannon in Canada :)


I received my first ever letter written on a typewriter from Nora in the US! :O <3


Another postcard from Jessica! Look at that pretty conservatory! Don’t you just want to go there and lose it with a baseball bat? xD Okay, I don’t want to trash it. Maybe just a little… So much glass in the same building has that affect on me.


And last but certainly not least: Party in an envelope from Denise! This pieace of confetti madness made me smile like a child on Christmas Eve. So fun!


This postcard arrived last Thursday and it’s from Aiko in Japan. It is absolutely adorable! <3

That’s it for today! I have some inks to get from my local post office, so I will be playing around with my fountain pens tonight :3 It’s a shame I will not have the time to write anything for a week or two now. I have a trip to Crete + exam and seminar to keep me busy. I hope you who have sent me all this lovely mail are okay with the delay. I’m itching to write to you, so don’t worry, letters will be had later on :)


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