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Night owling


The products of today’s (and tonight’s) writing: 7 letters!
Hopefully I will have time for one or two tomorrow too :)

The Creepy Putti


The last few days have been all about making envelopes and watching reality shows. Eventually I run out of reality shows episodes and continued with some Doctor Who. I should just have started with that! Amazing TV-show. I have only just started on the third season of the 2005 series, so no spoilers please. ;)

This week we also got started on a group work in historical archaeology, and our task is to research an 17th century wooden church, so we have walked around it, looked at every beam and tried to figure out which parts of the church was built when and why. My cup of tea! I love my studies :)

I have also received some mail the last few days. I hope to spend a good amount of time replying to letters this weekend! I am behind again, mainly because of my studies and the trip to Crete. Hopefully I’ll get back to a few of you guys today. You know I’m a bit of a slow writer.

Another reason as to why I haven’t written much this week is because I have experienced some problems with my Lamy fountain pen. I switched from cartridges to a converter, and the ink I use spreads from the letters I write in a very unappealing way. I don’t know if I’m to blame the pen or the ink or the paper I wrote on, but hopefully I wont have this effect on the letter sets I chose to write on today. That would just kill my writing inspiration :(

Anyway, here are some mail pictures for you guys!


A lovely letter from Barbara in Germany. I really like the stationery she’s used!

caribbean sea

A turquisdnkfns postcard from my dear Denise ;)


A kawaii letter from Erika in Italy.


And a long and fun letter from Kelly in Canada. I love the bear envelope! She told me a friend of her made it. Kelly, if you read this, send my greetings to your friend! :)


Here is the bunch of envelopes I have made while watching TV. I actually made 15 more after I took this photo, so I have envelopes for a couple of years now o__o (I have a lot of left over envelopes from letter sets as well, so I don’t really need these, but they’re fun to make!)


Here are a few examples from the envelopes I’ve made. I use pages from old children’s books, art books and archaeology books to make them :) I particularly like the envelope in the front. The image is a painting by the Swedish artist Anders Zorn and it’s called “Lucky with the Ladies”.


Lastly I’d like to show you these incredibly creepy putti placed on the pulpit in the church we research. JUST LOOK AT THEM! That’s nightmare material right there.



Yesterday I got some great mail: three lovely letters and and the now very late Christmas gift for my boyfriend! (It was sent to me once way earlier but my post office sent it back to the US for some stupid reason before I had the chance to pick it up.)


A letter from Almanté in Lithuania, written on very pretty paper! And I love the church postcard as well :)


A super kawaii letter from Connie in the US.


A letter from my Dearest Denise. I love the stamps! Thank you so much for sending them! :)


I wrapper Thomas’ gift in Christmas paper, of course. ;) Love those little pigs! I even wrote him a card. He was a little disappointed though that we didn’t have any ginger snaps at home for our mini-Christmas.


And this is what I got him; a nerdy TARDIS clock, ordered on etsy. I think he likes it. I know I do ;)

Birthday gift from Amazing Aiko


I got a big surprise in my mailbox today; a birthday present from dear friend Aiko in Japan! I am overly excited about this so I had to show it to you guys.

First of all, the parcel looks amazing. So many cute stamps! And when I opened it I stopped breathing for a while (I do that when I see things that I really like for some reason. Maybe I need to see a Doctor?) So much cuteness! She has really spoiled me and I don’t know how to thank her properly!

Have a look:


It’s impossible not to get happy when you find this in your mail!


The back is really pretty too! I love the rabbit.


Why are there no beautiful and cute stamps like these in Sweden? Why?!


Adorable! :D


And here is the incredible quantity of kawaii I found inside. 7 letter sets. SEVEN. Aiko, you are crazy and you have been way too nice to me!



When my boyfriend saw these two he told me with a very serious face:
“Sofie hun, remember that you can’t actually eat these.”


Wonderful tapes with illustrations made by the artist Yuko Higuchi. Google her name and you will see some gorgeous pictures! I asked Aiko to buy them for me and she sent them along with the gifts. I can’t wait to use them!


This little fellow looks like me!

Thank you dear Aiko, I will keep my eyes open for something really nice for you as a token of love from me. These gifts are amazing and you made my day a really happy one!