1000 km north




I’m visiting my family for the weekend. They live 1000 km further north in Sweden than me, and I was prepared to freezie my fingers and toes off, but it’s actually relatively warm and and sunny! But here’s tons of snow compared to where I live. Just take a look at these photos:


This is how Scania looked through the train window on my way home to my parents. All flat and no snow. The no snow-part is fine, but I prefer some forest and mountains around me. This open landscape make me feel like the sky could be falling down on me any time now. Weird?


So here’s the view from my best friend’s apartment in the town my family live in. Snow! Lots of it! No sign of spring what so ever. But here we have some forest and hills to hold the sky in place :)


Ester egg filled with candy from my dear parents.


And look! I asked my mom if she had any old fountain pen I could have, but she said no. But then she searched the house while I was at my friend’s place, and she found this for me! I hope I can find some ink cartridges that works with this pen. Are there some standard ones I could try or are they all different sizes?

I hope you’re having a Happy Easter too!


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  1. As far as I know there aren’t different sizes, but I’ve used fountain pens before with cartridges that were a little too small – they stayed on anyway because of the little spike on the nib. Have fun with it, and happy Easter :)

  2. They come in two different lengths, that’s the only size difference I’ve noticed, I’ve had pens that would never fit the longer ones, but the small ones fit into them all. Just go to a bookshop and ask them, they’ll most likely be willing to try one out :)

    • Thank you! I seem to need the shorter once for this pen :) Are there bookshops that sell any other colour than blue? I don’t want blue ink >_>

      • I’m just gonna go ahead and shamelessly promote penstore.se because they have awesome stuff, including cartridges, bottled ink, converters and tons of pens. Ok? :P

        • Thank you for giving me yet another site to spend money on! ;) Will definitely give it a closer look when I have some money. *broke*
          I bought my inks at http://www.penshop.se/. They have decent prices for a Swedish pen place and sent it the day after I placed my order, so that is my recommendation in return :)

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