Churches and poo


Look at this piece of sunshine I found in my mailbox yesterday! Three gorgeous church postcards and other goodies sent by my dear friend Denise! Click the image to visit her blog :)


I also got this pretty letter from a girl named Bekka. The birds she drew on the envelope put a smile on my face!


I have written some letters myself as well, and this is for Barbara in Germany. The envelope is decorated with pages from an art magazine, and the letter paper is made out of elephant poo. Don’t you just love that deer?


And here are two of other envies I’m sending out today. More art magazine collage!

  Can’t wait to check my mailbox today! I naturally hope for some amazing mail, but on the other hand I have got some studying to take care of and letters would definitely distract me from that…


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  1. I got mail from you today again :O You’re like my mail fairy! Or something like that. I realised that the tooth fairy takes your tooth, and I don’t mean that you steal my mail, I mean that you’re the good fairy that gives me magical mail! Does this make sense? xD

    I love your exuberant use of washi tape on this envelope! I see I have taught you all I know about the use of washi. We should look for a new washi master together ;)

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