Letters and Frost


Yesterday I was forced to leave the apartment at an ridiculously early hour because I had a vaccination to get done with. I usually sleep until it’s dark again, but it was really nice to be out in the morning sun! Just look at this:


From afar it looked like the trees were full of white blossom, but it was spiky frost flakes!

I also got two letters in my mailbox yesterday, which was a nice surprise. I thought I’d have to wait ’til next week for some mail.


Letter from Barbara, and letter + two church postcards Erica hunted down for me! :D

I happened to buy some stamps. Again. But new ones this time, and I actually quite like them, especially the building plans!

frimärkenI have been a busy bee catching up with my mail lately, and I written a few letters and/or short notes that will be mailed out on Monday. I still have one letter to reply to, but I have a lot of time left tomorrow and on Monday before I need to start studying more intensely again, so that will be no problems at all! I feel very good about not having letters from December left to reply too. My poor penpals have the best patience in the world!


28 pages heading to Maaike.


To earlier mentioned Erica :)


To Connie in the US.


To Annie in Finland.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!



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    • Snailmail is really a lovely way to communicate. I never understood the email hysteria ;)
      Thank you for dropping by and I am glad you like my blog! :)

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