I am sick. Probably dying. Worst cold I have caught in a while! And my boyfriend is sick too so he doesn’t listen to my whining, therefore I am fishing for empathy here ;)

More interestingly, I have some new old stamps, and have received and sent a letter:


Vintage stamps to use for my letters :)


Let us all just take a moment to contemplate how absolutely GORGEOUS this girl’s handwriting is! <3

20130312_014001 (1)

A letter written on LEP-stationery! Unfortunately my handwriting isn’t much to brag about. I kind of hope that the fountain pen I have ordered will magically make it neat and pretty ;) Yes, in my world it works like that!



Today I received a wonderful postcrossing card from Russia, picturing the Tsakhats Kar Monastery in Armenia. Just look at those ornaments and carvings! Be still my heart <3 And the card has beautiful stamps as well. Maybe Russia can compete with Finland in the not so official “country with prettiest stamps-contest”?



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  1. don’t die, i’ve just only begun to get to know you.
    i love those stamps. with so much love do i love them. i feel like i need more stamps in my life.
    geez, i hope you aren’t overcome with the quality of my handwriting when my mail arrives.

    • I’m hanging in there. Spaghetti soup works wonders for the health!
      And the stamps, yes they are really pretty but I might have gone overboard. >_>
      But now I have postage for a few letters so I don’t need to worry about getting more of them in a while. :) I’ll pick some nice ones for my reply to you!
      And I bet your handwriting is delicious.

  2. Awww, sorry that you’re still sick! Want a hug? But please don’t share your germs with me… Or should I call them bugs again?! You know we’re full of bugs here in Canada. :P

    So happy to see you use LEP stationery for one of your letters! And who sent you that beautiful letter with such pretty handwriting?

    • No, please no hugs! I’m feeling much better today (only some irritating itching in my ears and throat left), and I wouldn’t want your scary Canadian bugs to screw up my healing process! I bet my immune system is no match for them. Also, my very ordinary germs are probably not completely gone yet, so it’s for your safety as well.

      BUT WAIT! A thought: Can’t we just let the Swedish germs and the Canadian bugs fight it out and eliminate each other?

      The pretty handwriting is the work of Antonia in Australia, the same girl I sent the awesome LEP stationery letter to :)

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