What’s in my bag


Today I am going to show you the wonders I carry around in my bag! Well, to be honest I usually just tuck in random things that I might use during the day, and then forget I have it there. I also have a tendency to stuff it with receipts  and other rubbish I don’t know where else to put at that moment. And the smaller the item the higher probability that it will never see the daylight again. Lost and forgotten!

I signed up for the “What’s in my bag” blog challange on League of Extraordinary Penpals‘ FaceBook  (members only ;) group, and a few other lovely ladies have already shared their bags’ content, so have a look!

Aimee 1 and 2

I must warn you, I do not carry around as much cool stuff as the ladies above xD

So here we go!


My bag!
This is the brown leather bag I use everyday. It’s a working horse and I love it! If I’m going out for a drink or 10 I might abandon this one for a slightly smaller one, but it never feels quite right.
I am not one of those crazy bag ladies who have 20+ handbags, but more of the “use until it falls into pieces” kind of girl.

bokdatorThe two big items in my bag at the moment:

  • Asus Laptop for taking class notes.
  • Book on archaeology I need for the next course I’m taking

almanackaA bunch of random objects, most of which I don’t need to carry around:

  • A calender for 2012/2011 calendar.
  • Nasal Spray I brought sometime when I had a cold and then never took out again.
  • Two receipts, one for food/pepsi max and the other one is for a passport.
  • Gum I got in a swap-bot swap :D
  • Two pens, the purple one doesn’t work xD
  • A badge from a students’ party I attended in Linköping 2011. Do you guys know about the Swedish students’ overalls and how we decorate them with badges from events and parties? Maybe I should make a blog post about my student outfit some day? :O That would be kind of fun and nostalgic :)
  • A button that fell off my jacket months ago.
  • Painkillers, just in case.


  • An old code to get train tickets from the automate at the station.
  • One lip gloss and two lipsticks.
  • Glasses cloth. Yes, it is adorable.
  • 1D6 (One 6-sided die)
  • Hair clip.
  • Receipts from the optician for lenses I just got.


  • My wallet. Full of cards and receipts and useless stuff I should have thrown away long ago.
  • Tissues, always good to have at hand!
  • More gum.
  • A Sentimental Circus post-it note that has fallen out of a book long long ago.
  • Pencils.

That was it! The content of my bag actually mirror my apartment pretty well; lots of stuff where it doesn’t belong, and lots of stuff that would have been better off in the trash bin.

Let me know if there is anyone out there who would like to show off their student outfit and make it into a blog challange like this! :)


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  1. So I was going through your posts and all I thought was “omg! I have that asus!” anyways thanks for the follow :D

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