Postage madness


Yay, I found vintage stamps in my mailbox today! Now let’s all pretend like I got them for free, and not at all talk about the amount I spent on them, ok? I mean… would have had to spend on them if I didn’t get them as an anonymous gift of course .. They are pretty nice if I may say so :)



Any favourites?
I think I like the astrological signs and the last ones with buildings the best. The buildings are from my old home region Hälsingland, and since I now live about 1000 km further south in Sweden I sometimes find myself longing home to where I grew up. People don’t speak Danish in Hälsingland, and that makes a lot of things easier for me.
Of course I mostly bought got stamps with art or history themes. Someone knows my interests!


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  1. Oooh, pretty! Where do you get them?
    I like the star signs and the Astrid Lindgren ones and also the moose ones because I’m German ;)

    The buildings on the alst picture are really pretty too, I remember having stamps like them when I was a kid and I really liked them because they have one colour you know, I like that. :D

    • So you have lived in Stockholm, now you live in Norrland and you are also German? Isn’t it confusing with so many regional/national identities? xD You moving to Norrland makes more sense to me now! There are always lots and lots of German tourists in Ångermanland around the area where we have our summer cottage ;)
      Yeah, I like the moose ones too because
      1.) they are not square
      2.) they are colourful and cheerful :D
      3.) who does not like moose?!

      I bought some stamps at and most of them at Clicking that bid-button is so addictive O_O

  2. I’m also 25% French and could claim French citizenship if I wanted :P Lol yeah, the German love our nature, they don’t really have that much of it, not anywhere near the way we have here :D I think you’ve told me this but where is your summer cottage? Does this mean you will come visit me this summer? *creep* :P

    Oooh, tradera. I bought a bunch of stamps from there, some maths told me that I saved 8kr per international letter. WIN! I hate places with cheap stuff. They make me buy things.. ;)

    • You are French too? :O You are getting more and more awesome by the minute!
      Yeah, I could stop by your place on the way there and drop off all the different sorts of tea we have in our apartment but never drink! The cottage is “nearby” Nordmaling (distance: 50 kilometers = short distance in Norrland), so it’s a little further north than you live.

      I tend to buy the stamps that are sold for MORE money than they’re worth in postage… because they are pretty <3. I got some of them really cheap, but all in all I'd say I'm not saving anything on this. Especially since I have to pay the postage for the postage.. xD I am not a rational being, ok?

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