Budgie Buddies


Today it’s Monday, which means that post is delivered! The worst part about weekends is definitely that I have no reason to check the mailbox.

I got a swap-bot letter today, and it was a really nice read! I love the gorgeous stamp. But seriously guys, what’s up with putting the USA forever-slogan (or what ever you’d call it) on every US postage stamp possible? xD It’s kind of funny. Nothing lasts forever you know.


I also managed to write a letter today! Writing this one was a fun. Lots of random rambling :)
I do of course have tons of study related stuff I should have done instead, but that can wait until the last minute as usual. (Last minute in this case means tomorrow)

And I got a bunch of seriously cute stickers in my mailbox today <3 I love birds, especially budgies, so there was no risk of me NOT buying these precious ones :D



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  1. As far as I’ve understood, the forever stamps are special because they can be used even after the postal fees have been raised, so they never lose the worth you paid for them :)

    • Ahaaaaa… Like Sverige Brev? Okay, so I guess I should stop making fun of the patriotic messages on American stamps then? >_< You have taken one of my favourite leisure activities away from me!

  2. outgoing envelope headed your way with one of those hideous stamps you mention. churchy postcards inside. funny how your blog made it to my list of regulars in google reader before I realized it was you.
    who knew I was such a Sofie fan?

    • It’s so nice of you to send me some churches! I can never have enough of them :)

      I think google can see into the future, or use some weird digital magic, and that’s why it KNEW you would like my blog in your reader. Yes. Everything is explainable with magic.
      …Or did you mean that you added it there yourself before you realized it was me me? In that case it’s just because we’re a match made in heaven.

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