Starting a new collection?




I have, as you might know, rather recently bought some vintage stamps to use for my letters. And now I have ordered more. Because that is what I do – buy stuff online. Lots of it. All the time.

And somewhat surprisingly the awesomest mint vintage stamps from Sweden are found on ebay, and not the Swedish auction sites. They of course come with a rather pricey shipping cost :(

I had no idea until just now how many fantastic stamps there are out there! For example I found stamps with Canut the Holy/Canut the Saint/Canut of Denmark riding towards Lund Cathedral (the cathedral in my current hometown), and I want them soooo badly. Seriously! But I also feel like I wouldn’t want to use them, just to treasure and collect and love them. But how can I justify this? I can not afford to start up another collection. :'( There is an emotional storm raging inside of me. *sigh*

I think I will order them, keep a few and use a few, then maybe I will feel better about buying them since I actually get some use out of them and not hide all of them in some box somewhere for only me to see. Is this a good solution? Do you guys collect stamps? And if so, mint or used ones? Do you keep them on the envelope/postcard or do you take them off?


Last night I made a drawing of Tor-Ulf the unicorn-dragon. He is of course not happy with the result and wants me to tell you guys that he is much more impressive in real life. Truth be told my drawing style is as messy as my handwriting xD

Fact: Tor-Ulf can change his colour whenever he wants! He is usually red or blue, but pulls off pink pretty well too. I told him that he is like a chameleon, but he did not like that at all. He says that being an unicorn-dragon is cool, but being called chameleon-unicorn-dragon is beyond lame…



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    • That’s a great idea! I just need some wall-space… You know how I and Thomas have stuff everywhere? That includes the walls. xD
      But I’ve been thinking about buying one of those huge frames from ikea to frame my favourite postcards, and the stamps would definitely fit in there! :D

  1. Well you know, collecting stamps is better than collecting something heavy, considering the shipping costs ;) See, optimism! It could be worse, you could be collecting mugs from all over the world! (Don’t tell me you already do…).
    Tell Tor-Ulf I’d love to see him pink, I bet it’s super-cute! (yeah no chance he’ll ever do it now, gdi Anny.)

    • THANK YOU for giving me a logical excuse for starting up a stamp collection! It’s much better to have someone else defending my right to collect something than that I have alone have to defend my right to hoard paper ephemera! ;)
      And no, I actually don’t collect mugs. Yet. I will probably get there pretty soon though xD

      Tor-Ulf would be delighted to show off his pink look! He looks very pleased that someone acknowledge his cute side. (He is a bit vain you see, so I come a long way with flattery. And cupcakes. He loves cupcakes.)

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