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1000 km north




I’m visiting my family for the weekend. They live 1000 km further north in Sweden than me, and I was prepared to freezie my fingers and toes off, but it’s actually relatively warm and and sunny! But here’s tons of snow compared to where I live. Just take a look at these photos:


This is how Scania looked through the train window on my way home to my parents. All flat and no snow. The no snow-part is fine, but I prefer some forest and mountains around me. This open landscape make me feel like the sky could be falling down on me any time now. Weird?


So here’s the view from my best friend’s apartment in the town my family live in. Snow! Lots of it! No sign of spring what so ever. But here we have some forest and hills to hold the sky in place :)


Ester egg filled with candy from my dear parents.


And look! I asked my mom if she had any old fountain pen I could have, but she said no. But then she searched the house while I was at my friend’s place, and she found this for me! I hope I can find some ink cartridges that works with this pen. Are there some standard ones I could try or are they all different sizes?

I hope you’re having a Happy Easter too!

Museum of salt & pepper shakers


Incoming letter + beautiful postcard from my new penpal Kelly. She hunted me down via IG, and she is so awesome that I couldn’t say no!


My reply to Kelly’s letter. I know she liked my vintage stamps so I picked some of my favourites for her :)


A quick letter to Denise. I washified the envelope, just for her!


Incoming letter from Brittany. I’ll write a reply soon, probably today since I have nothing planned for the evening.


Birthday mail from my dear Katrin! Just look at the adorable crocheted doll, and the card and those orange slize earrings! She is way too nice to me! + Her letters are always awesome. (I know often use the word awesome rather liberally, but in this case I really really mean it!)


A fun postcard from Jessica. I am a happier person now that I know that there exists such a thing as a salt & pepper shakers museum!

Happy Weekend


Arkham Horror

This weekend started at Thursday with my 25th birthday. I celebrated with my boyfriend by having yummy sushi at a fancy restaurant, then continuing to a pub for some Irish coffee with a friend who came visiting from our old home town 500 km north from here. He stayed all weekend and we played games and drank beer.

I think we played Arkham Horror, our favourite board game, 4 times this weekend and lost all of them xD

I got some mail last week I wanted to show you guys. The Lamy Safari pen I ordered on ebay arrived on my birthday, so it was the perfect birthday gift for myself! And I also got a letter from Monika, a birthday card from Julie and a package full with gifts from my boyfriend’s sister on my birthday, so I was really spoiled mailwise!

I have written a letter with a  fountain pen for the first time in my life this weekend and I can see why some people get obsessed with fountain pens! So smooth to write with, and I actually think I write a little bit neater than normal with this pen (just a little bit, but that’s something, isn’t it ;). It’s also very comfortable to write with. I was a little afraid that I wouldn’t like the grip but it’s perfect for how I hold my pen when I’m writing!


Earlier this week I got a reply to my first ever collage mailart that I sent to Tara as thanks for inspiring me. Just look at this gorgeous envelope! <3


I also got more church postcards from my sweet Denise. She is totally spoiling me! I suspect her ulterior motive is to make me start up a crazy postcard collection just like she has (though I doubt I’d ever have such an amazing collection as hers). By the way, look how washi-wonderful the envelope she sent the cards in is! <3


The birthday gifts from my boyfriend’s sister I found in my mailbox. I absolutely love the card!


The letter from Monika. Her handmade envelopes always brighten up my day! And I also have a really soft spot for Sentimental Circus :)

20130324_161232Birthday card(s) from Julie! I love the Red Queen and Alice Card! I should get a big frame and put all my favourite cards in it. Yes, this is a future project now.

20130324_153238 And lastly, here is the letter I wrote with my Lamy pen.
Joker Kitty still cracks me up. 

Churches and poo


Look at this piece of sunshine I found in my mailbox yesterday! Three gorgeous church postcards and other goodies sent by my dear friend Denise! Click the image to visit her blog :)


I also got this pretty letter from a girl named Bekka. The birds she drew on the envelope put a smile on my face!


I have written some letters myself as well, and this is for Barbara in Germany. The envelope is decorated with pages from an art magazine, and the letter paper is made out of elephant poo. Don’t you just love that deer?


And here are two of other envies I’m sending out today. More art magazine collage!

  Can’t wait to check my mailbox today! I naturally hope for some amazing mail, but on the other hand I have got some studying to take care of and letters would definitely distract me from that…