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    • Thank you! It’s ten times harder to write with a tablet than on lined paper (at least I think so). But it’s also ten times more fun than writing with the keyboard :D

      Tor-Ulf is a UNICORN-dragon! Much rarer than ordinary dragons ;) (He has quite delicate feelings so I better defend his right to be different or I’ll have to listen to his sobbing all night…)

  1. Ooh, this is a cool idea! Also John Bauer is easily one of my favourites too. I have 4 postcards with his art + the stamps, and they’re stamped the day of their release in 1982, I want to frame them but I’m afraid they’d bleach so I keep them hidden away. :(

    Tor-Ulf is the coolest thing ever, I want more art of him please :P

  2. Put the postcards on the wall (in some dark corner)! They’re to no use in a drawer ;) I love putting stuff on my walls. I have no walls left to make use of because of bookshelves + pictures, so I thought I could manipulate your walls instead ;D

    Haha, maybe I’ll make Tor-Ulf my official mascot then :) I think I’m gonna change his dragon feet to hoofs though. Hope he doesn’t mind that.

  3. God I’m so annoyed with myself I wrote a long comment and then hit “View on Instagram”. WHY.
    Ok, starting over.

    I might actually do that. When I move, because this 23 square meter hole in the wall without a storage is driving me NUTS. So yeah I hope the new place will have more..walls. :P I don’t mind you manipulating my walls at all, I have a frame in which I’ve put old b/w photos and postcards from Härnösand, do you approve of that?

    If Tor-Ulf does mind, you’ll know from the way your bed is burning when you wake up ;)

    • Deleting long comment is a classic! ;)

      Oh my, I have never lived that small. Except when I lived in a dorm (studentkorridor). I had 20 square meters, no storage, but the shared kitchen wasn’t included in those square meters, so maybe I shouldn’t complain. (It was horrible, I will probably continue complaining..)

      Are there even that small apartments for rent for “normal” people?! (not students).
      It should be banned, especially in a smaller cities where they have the space to build bigger ones. -__-

      Thank you for letting me bossing around your walls! I approve of the photos and postcards you framed. :)

      And yes, Tor-Ulf will probably let me know how he feels, either by killing me with fire, or sobbing in a corner for a week or two. He’s such a sensitive soul!

      • Awww, cute, you’re implying I’m normal.. ;)
        No but yeah apparently, it’s in the middle of a student housing area so I think they’re really just student’s apartments they’re renting out to other people because they want money. I mainly live here because my emotionally abusive ex kicked me out which was actually great but after spending a month on friends’ sofas I decided that I just really needed somewhere to live so I ended up here and just haven’t been bothered to try and find a larger place until a few months ago so now I have to wait nice and patiently.

        So just so I come prepared, is there anything in particular I’m NOT allowed to put on my walls? :P

        Tor-Ulf sounds like a drama queen, I’m pretty sure he’ll treat you with no mercy. Why does it sound like I want you to get killed by a unicorn-dragon? :P

        • I’d take 23 square meter living space over emotional abuse and/or couch surfing anyday! Sounds like you did well do move there.

          Hey, I’m glad you want me to be killed by an unicorn.dragon. If you wanted me to die in a car accident or diabetes or something other typically ordinary unromantic death cause I might have been offended. But making it to the history book as the first ever being killed by a drama-queen unicorn-dragon is fine with me :D

          You are not allowed to put 90’s pop bands on the walls! And no horse posters – sorry!
          I am also no big fan of Leonardo da Vinci’s art (his engineering sketches are fine though.)
          Other than those: bring it on! I could write a list of top five wall arts if you’re in need of inspiration ;)

          PS. I might add more stuff to banned wall decorations. I will keep you updated.

    • Yay, thank you! I will do this kind of post again since it seems like a hit :)
      And just go ahead and do it if you can steel a tablet somewhere ;) it’s fun and I get some use of my tablet that I bought thinking that it would make me awesome at photoshop art (didn’t work that way though…)

      • Or, if you’re like me, with no possible chance of ever even seeing a tablet in real life, you can just write on paper and scan/photograph it , and then put pictures on it in paint/photoshop/whatever ;) That’s what I was thinking I might do some day when I my handwriting has magically turned legible. ;)

        • Scanning real handwriting would be much nicer! <3 A scanner is on my never ending, unrealistic to buy-list! (along with a photo printer and a polaroid camera :)
          An employment is definitely needed to achieve these materialistic goals though…

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