Trying the MailArt thingy

After discovering Tara’s lovely blog yesterday I felt inspired to try making some collage mail art myself. I have way too much paper stuff lying around (outdated books, wrapping paper, magazines, brochures etc.), so why not put them to use?

This is envelope is decorated with pages from a book on Iranian archaeology, cooking magazine and a tourist brochure.


And here I went crazy with some of my wrapping papers + washi tape.


This master piece is a deconstructed Monet painting. Well, not the actual painting, but a picture of it I found in an old art book :)

Todayfound the stationeries I ordered a week or two ago from League of Extraordinary Penpals in my mailbox. I now have everything I need to write some fabulous letters, as soon as I have the time to do so. The coming week is reserved for paper writing.


Look at the lovely stamps they used for the package! I find the big moose stamp just irresistible <3


LEP’s official stationery and February’s Stationery Kit.


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  1. I love your mail art! I’m new to it as well, but isn’t it so much fun putting something so pretty in the mailbox? (ps: I found you via, but I see we’re both LEP members as well!)

    • Thank you for taking your time to check out my blog and complimenting my amateur mail art! :)
      I agree, I always feel happy to put something fun in the mailbox. I hope it brights up the postman’s day too, not only the receiver’s.
      Nice to make your acquaintance (hardest word EVER to spell) fellow LEP:er :)

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