Night owling


Every word is possible to make into a verb!

Today I tried to catch up on my mail, but since I am such a  slow writer I only managed to write two letters:


Coloruful and whimsical for Antonia in Australia


Letter paper that I designed myself, home made envelope and a postcard of Lund Cathedral for Almantè in Lithuania

PS. When I say today I mean yesterday. Which still is today because I am up in the middle of the night rambling on in letters to my penpals. I don’t often go to bed before 2 am. And I prefer to stay in bed to 2 pm. (I don’t look forward to growing up and having to get up early…)


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  1. Eh, growing up is highly overrated. Enjoy things while you can. At 38, am I too old to be a macaroon? That is an awesome letter. Letters should be written slowly, each word savored and heartfelt. I’m sure your friends will cherish those letters.

    • One is never too old to be a macaroon!
      I am thinking about skipping the growing-up part of life. I’m soon 25 and my mother expect grandchildren, while I expect at least 10 more years of being a child myself :)
      And thank you, I love the colourful whimsy of that stationery. I hope my letters bring some joy, even if I take some time to write back now and then.

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