My productive weekend


I have been quite productive when it comes to letters this weekend! (My studies are of course suffering from it.) I wrote two letters yesterday, and today I wrote three! I am a slow writer, and I tend to write long letters, so I am definitely not one of those super penpals who can produce 7 letters per day. But quality counts, doesn’t it?


What went into the mailbox today: The two letters I wrote yesterday, one of the letters I wrote today (I wrote the other two later) and the green package is for my little brother :)


Hysterically kawaii letter set!


“American Apple – Good to the Taste” xD


A letter for my friend Tanya. You can find her sparkly snailmailing blog among my links (no1sassygrlmail).


Close-up of my homemade envelope. I have recently discovered how fun it is to add a ridiculous amount of stamps!



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