Maps and games


Okay, only one game actually, but one I am very excited about:


Have you read Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky? I rather liked it. It’s set post a nuclear war apocalypse in the Moscow Metro tunnels where every station has become a small state, and where wars are fought over water, food and ideologies. There are also PC/Xbox games based on this book, but I haven’t tried them because I know the mutants would scare the shit out of me and I would only end up whimpering in a corner. But seriously, a board game? It has to be awesome! At least it looks good :) I’ll let you know what I think of it once I’ve tried it!

Here is some incoming and outgoing mail for you:


Incoming – Postards I ordered (yes, I order lots of stuff all the time. Someone should hide my wallet). A cute letter from a dear penpal and some awesome postcrossing cards!


Outgoing – Postcrossing :)


Outgoing – For a Postcard and gum swap on Swap-Bot.

So here’s what I’ve been up to today: I designed a writing paper and printed it, but were determined to do something about those boring straight edges. Full of enthusiasm I started a fire, and well, yeah… The printed ink just would stop burn after it caught fire! Poring water on it seemed to make it worse, so I had to drown it in the sink. brändkarta

Since the burnt edges was a serious fail I moved on to tearing them. It’s not exactly what I had in mind for these papers at first, but it looks better than what they did when they came out of the printer.kartbrevpapper


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    • Haha, yeah the paper indeed looks like the sad failure that it is! I’m glad I didn’t burn down the apartment doing this experiment ;)
      And thank you, I especially like the cigarette ad :) They were much classier back in the days.

    • That is so much worse! If I had burnt a handdrawn map that I made I would have been really sad :(
      I can print more of these, so I didn’t exactly destroy an unique piece of art.

  1. One time I drew a treasure map for a penpal, I put a lot of work into it and once I’d finished, I decided that I should burn the edges to give it a little more… character. Of course, within seconds, my beautiful map was consumed in flames and I panicked and threw it in the toilet. The neighbors complained about the smell of smoke for days afterwards. :( I feel your pain. :)

    • Omg, I can really picturing myself doing that panic dance with the flaming papers in my hand, tossing the beloved map in the toilet!
      I was precautious enough to burn the paper over the sink with the tap on. :) I know what my clumsiness is capable of!
      It smelled pretty bad here too, but no complaints so far (but I have been away all day since, so maybe I just missed the drama.)

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