Unhealthy Excitement


That I am a huge fan of Susanna Clarke’s novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is no big secret. I have re-read/re-listened to that book about 7 times, and I still love those ca. 800 pages/32 hours of magic and  have been going on about my deep desire to see a film adaptation of this splendid work of literature for years now. Yes years. I was super excited a few years back when there was some kind of vague promise of a film. Then nothing happened. For years. Lost-Hope.

And yesterday I randomly googled “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell film” and found THIS!

A BBC mini serie?! Seriously? It’s like… It’s like… I don’t find words. I am so superduperüber excited that I can’t even try to verbalise it! 6×60 minutes! <3 And it will air during 2013 so I wont have to wait for yet another 2 years!

This made me so excited that I had problems sleeping yesterday. Yes, I am utterly obsessed with this book! I am now officially off to the La La Land where every mirror leads to another world, where every ruin belongs to the Raven King and where every academic footnote is about the history of English magic. Reality wont reach me here!

I can’t wait to see the casting list!

adlibris3 thankyou

To make my happiness even greater I got some awesome airmail stickers today that I ordered on etsy. Look how fun and gorgeous they are! I also got a bunch of books I ordered, so now I have even more reading to do, apart from studying + re-listening to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Have you read any of these books? Thoughts?


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